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Point of no return!

Jan 8 • 1388 views • No Comments on Point of no return! Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Volunteering

Handed in notice! GULP!

But my boss was really cool about it. As planned, we had the end of year appraisal and when she asked “is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” I said I was giving in my notice as I’m off to Uganda next month to work for a conservation charity… she hadn’t heard of VSO though so that kind of threw me but she was quite impressed at what I’m doing, which is great. We’ve agreed not to broadcast the news to everyone so we have time to plan the handover and so I can get some work done over next few weeks … everyone naturally has so many questions, I have to be ready for them, and I want to enjoy answering them and telling everyone about VSO and UCF.

God there’s so much to do!

Have also now told two ‘work friends’ on the understanding it’s not public knowledge (although less important it’s kept a secret now of course). Monika looked a bit sad – but I said “we’re both leaving!” I know she’s only being relocated (to New York with John Laing) but life’s going to be very different for her even so. She’s coming to visit me too!

I’m going to miss the girls and I feel sad for Clare and Julie as it means with Mon and I moving on, half the ‘Roads girls’ are leaving Allington House in the next month. I wanted to tell Julie this week too but she has other things on her mind. I must tell her tomorrow, I don’t want her to hear the news secondhand, I think she’ll be upset.


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