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My new pad in Namuwongo

Jan 22 • 2276 views • 3 Comments on My new pad in Namuwongo Africa, Conservation, East Africa, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

My new house has a garden! Really excited about this tho whether it’s what we’d call a garden or concrete yard or bare earth or dog’s toilet or what I have no idea but will take my gardening gloves and a few packets of seeds just in case. Fingers crossed I can do something with it!

Robert (currently working with UCF in Kampala) has sent me my new address, between the railtrack and the sewerage treatment works! So far it sounds like London’s Kings Cross. Wonder what chances are of still having view of Lake Victoria?!

I will be living in NAMUWONGO (I love the name!) There’s a link to it here …

Apparently I’ll be the only mzungu on the street.

The house has three rooms, one of which may be the office. There are two bathrooms (with bath!) and a lounge. There are two garages, one of which may be the office … This is absolute luxury by VSO standards and I am absolutely gobsmacked at what I am getting as could very easily been sharing very very basic accommodation. The extra room(s) are for Trustees to stay on visits from the UK but that will be on quite rare occasions so plenty of room for friends and family to stay! I can’t believe my luck.

Robert and Janice (currently teaching for VSO) are leaving behind a number of items for me, including:

  • A TV on which you can get four or five local East African stations, which are mostly in English. Was offered satellite TV but this would’ve cost over 1/4 of monthly allowance of 400,000 UgX (Ugandan shillings). There are approx 2850 shillings to the pound!
  • A battery operated radio …(main connection blew up during a power cut).
  • There is a fridge (but it goes off when the power goes). Apparently there are very few power cuts here cos its in a government area – let’s see!
  • Camping equipment (no Ma I’m not going camping on my own!)

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3 Responses to My new pad in Namuwongo

  1. lizziema says:

    I have quickly read the accommodation details and can see that you may have chosen this posting to especially appeal to your fathers accommodation ideal. You say there are three rooms and two are garages, and I suspect this is the ultimate ratio of home accom. he seeks in his daily life. Bless!

  2. lizziema says:

    Having reread this part I don’t like the sewage works so close and a high wind in the wrong quarter could be quite smelly (as we all know). I wonder if one of those wind up battery and power free radios would work well?? Don’t know much about them but Kate will have some input on that, wont you sis?

  3. […] and one of the city’s shanty towns – by the railway line a few metres beyond our compound wall. I love living in Namuwongo. I have the quiet of being in a cul de sac with the reassuring buzz of human activity beyond: men […]

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