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Five weeks to go

Jan 22 • 2016 views • 3 Comments on Five weeks to go Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Volunteering

Had 8th and 9th injections (Hep B + 2nd rabies). Dr B. seems quite interested in what I’m doing for VSO (because I’m paying her cash for the injections?) Ooh so cynical (but she would only accept cash so it does make me wonder …) I can claim all medical expenses back from VSO. Had a brief discussion about choice of Malaria tablets and more specifically the side-effects: any of paranoia, thrush or hair loss – quelle choix!

Nick and Sue spent chaotic drunken w/end here in London with me. We didn’t stop laughing all w/end. They’re both planning to come and see me. Nick’s definitely coming now she knows there’s a Sheraton in Kampala “can you honestly imagine me dragging ‘t Louis Vuitton luggage ‘cross floor of ‘t mud hut?” in that distinct and not to mention LOUD Manchester accent.

Trip to Cheltenham Hospital with Ma this morning (my turn not hers for once). Nurse called out my name and I commented on her beautiful pronounciation of Beauvoisin. She said “is that how you say it? The doctor and I have just been practicing!” Walked into the (mini) operating theatre and lo and behold I was welcomed with another beautifully pronounced “Charlotte Beauvoisin!” complete with theatrical flourish of the arm!

Dr Slimmings was a very nice man – and I hope for his sake he grows into his name (as surely as Mum hopes I will grow into mine now I’ve had my moles removed!!)
Lol …I’m sure she thinks I’m more likely to get a boyfriend without them – or am I just stereotyping her as a soppy old moo?!

The procedure was all over and done with v quickly although five injections in my face did make me feel sick so I had to stay lying down for a bit. (Detailed gory details available upon request only!) Smell of burning flesh was horrid “but I’m a vegetarian!” I said and the Doc laughed. He was very interested in VSO actually. Said he’s thinking what to do next (he’s just turned 60) as he never had time to take up golf as a young man because he was working 100 hour weeks!! I wished him good luck with his VSO application (to his surprise) as I left. I’m going to send him the recruitment CD, you never know. His skills would be so in demand. VSO take recruits from age 25 upto 75 nowadays.

That makes a total of 14 injections I’ve had pre-trip but no side-effects so far.

Ma and sat in the hospital afterwards eating toast and chatting – glad I did now – it was easy to do all that while the anaesthetic was working. Was supposed to go to work this afternoon but felt too rough – a bit queasy, had a banging headache and my face was a bit sore so talking, laughing and eating were out of the question!

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3 Responses to Five weeks to go

  1. Kate says:

    What an exciting day you have had !! I enjoyed the puns ! I have had similar done though not all at one go…….just don’t pick the scabs!!!!!
    I hope you like the photo I have chosen for my profile, on the London Eye with a view to what is soon going to be your dim and distant past.
    Off skiing Sat. with a friend to the Dolomites.
    Looking forward to reading your Blog. A K xx

  2. Jos says:

    Yo Charlie – how exciting – I am almost green with envy at your boldness of throwing everything in the air.

    Not sure where in London you are at the moment or for the few weeks you have left at work, but if there is any chance of meeting up before you go that would be great. (E-mail me and let me know!) How long are you going for??

    Look forward to reading the adventures of Kampala and VSO as and when you can update.

    Take care and have a ball.



  3. lizziema says:

    Ma notes the possibility of a male frenzy after the removal of the excess facial baggage but refers blogger to the subject of the posibilty of a little person returning with her!!!! Sorry to hear that you were forced to have an afternoon off! Seriously, do hope you feel better now. Could say more but have to get used to other people reading my verbage.

    From: lizziema

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