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Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!)

Dec 22 • 2237 views • 3 Comments on Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!) Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Volunteering

Hi All

I’m just learning the ropes here with Blogging but thought you might be interested in hearing about my journey ‘pre-departure’.

It’s been a fascinating ride so far, thanks to four days intensive training with VSO (getting us to think about we deal with living in a different culture; possible corruption, isolation, being the only white person or ‘mzungu’ for miles; missing family and friends. That’s not to say I’ll have to deal with all these issues on the placement I’ve accepted but the process gets you questioning so many things you take for granted. Being a vegetarian for example is just not an option in most of the world, you eat what’s available, so what do I do when a poor family invites me to dinner and I’m offered meat?

I’ve always wanted to do VSO so it was an emotional moment when I realised I’m actually going to do it. Later I thought hang on, I’m giving up a good job and risking losing my flat… am I crazy?! Well the answer may be yes (!) but I’m absolutely sure this is the right course for me. Not only do people have only positive things to say about Uganda, but I’ve met most of the charity’s Trustees here in London. Seem like a good bunch of people I reckon, very laid back yet dedicated and a good laugh too, all passionate about Africa and wildlife and very excited that I’m joining the team.

Please post comments! I want to hear what you think about my blog and keep in touch with you! This blog doesn’t replace me sending and replying to individual emails but it will save me saying the same thing a dozen times so forgive me for looking for a few shortcuts.

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3 Responses to Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!)

  1. lizziema says:

    Mother notes the reference to injections…thank you, nice to know you are well jabbed.
    Looking forward to blogging with you! xx

  2. Charlie says:

    That’s a bit rude Mother!!
    Welcome to my blog 🙂

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