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My name is Charlotte – bampita Nagawa – and I am the Captain for your tour of the Pearl of Africa, where we shall be cruising at an altitude of between 621 and 6110 metres above sea level. Let me share my love of all things Ugandan with you. On our Uganda travels, we will encounter elephants, lions, birds, gorillas and chimpanzees. We will travel on foot, by bus, in a dugout canoe, on quad bikes, rafts and even by train! With wall-to-wall sunshine, Technicolor blue skies and lush greenery, Uganda truly is ‘the best of Africa.’ Many countries boast of having the friendliest people: you will meet them here in Uganda! Read more about the Muzungu or contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Featured Posts

  • Nairobi National Park

    Nairobi National Park. The muzungu’s first city safari!

    Apr 17, 17 • 901 views • 2 comments

    A city safari in Nairobi National Park. An early morning game drive to match any safari in the bush! It seemed weird to leave our four-star city hotel and drive through commuter traffic for an early morning safari. Usually, it’s a question of stumbling out of a tent into the Bush… [Note to...

  • Sandra Rwese Chinese tourism Uganda marketing expert

    Chinese tourism in Uganda – opportunity or threat?

    Jan 17, 17 • 3415 views • 7 comments

    Chinese in Uganda: tourism opportunities and conservation threats Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post is by Sandra Rwese, a brilliant Ugandan entrepreneur who I first heard speak at a Nature Uganda public talk in Kampala. Sandra gave us an introduction to Chinese culture, the...

  • Uganda Waragi Kyaninga Lodge

    Where to travel in East Africa in 2017: the muzungu’s recommendations

    Jan 6, 17 • 2584 views • 2 comments

    Where to travel in East Africa in 2017: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda. The Muzungu’s recommendations Happy New Year, dear Diary reader! Thanks for your support in 2016. Are you thinking about where the next 12 months will take you? Here are some of my favourite places … UGANDA – Kampala...

  • Kyaninga Lodge Rwenzori Mountains horizon

    Kyaninga Lodge – the dancing, running (and relaxing!) lodge

    Nov 19, 16 • 2025 views • 10 comments

    Kyaninga Lodge‘s breathtaking views Since the recent launch of the Disney film ‘Queen of Katwe,’ Ugandans have been discussing how we can attract the film industry to film in Uganda. I first visited Kyaninga Lodge in 2011. Since then I’ve been unable to picture the lodge without...

  • Pempheris or Sweepers. Snorkel Watamu Kenya

    Kenya’s dazzling marine life: where to snorkel in Watamu

    Aug 17, 16 • 4607 views • 9 comments

    Kenya’s dazzling marine life: where to snorkel in Watamu Seventh Heaven isn’t up in the sky, it’s here in the warm Indian Ocean waters of Watamu, Kenya, an hour and a half drive’s north of Mombasa. This is the Muzungu’s guide on where to snorkel in Watamu. If you think...

  • Passport stamps Cyanika border Uganda

    NOW LIVE: apply for Ugandan tourist visas online

    Jul 1, 16 • 10037 views • 109 comments

    All Ugandan tourist visas are now online. Apply BEFORE you travel! DISCLAIMER: I update this page regularly based on feedback from visitors to Uganda. Although in theory all Ugandan tourist visas must be applied for in advance online – and paid for online since May 2017 – you can still...

  • East Africa Tourist Visa

    What is the East Africa Tourist Visa? A definitive guide

    May 27, 16 • 7758 views • 29 comments

    What is the East Africa Tourist Visa? Your questions answered… The idea of a single regional East Africa Tourist Visa is to make it easier and more financially attractive for tourists to visit the whole region. You should be able to visit three countries on a single trip – or so the...

  • Lunatic Express train Nairobi to Mombasa

    Have you travelled the Lunatic Express?

    May 7, 16 • 10203 views • 27 comments

    More ‘lunatic’ than ‘express’… Lunatic Express train Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya: survival tips, how to book tickets, East Africa’s railway history, Tsavo’s man-eating lions. This is the muzungu’s personal account of the Lunatic Express train journey...

  • Mgahinga Mount-Gahinga-Volcanoes-Batwa-dancing

    Why visit Uganda? Dispelling a few myths

    Feb 24, 16 • 4380 views • 10 comments

    Why visit Uganda? #VisitUganda When I tell people in Europe that I live in Uganda, they may have heard of the country, but they are not really sure why. Why live in or visit Uganda? “Is that guy still there?” People ask me vaguely. Sometimes they’re referring to Joseph Kony… [kicked out...




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