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My name is Charlotte – bampita Nagawa – and I am the Captain for your tour of the Pearl of Africa, where we shall be cruising at an altitude of between 621 and 6110 metres above sea level. Let me share my love of all things Ugandan with you. On our Uganda travels, we will encounter elephants, lions, birds, gorillas and chimpanzees. We will travel on foot, by bus, on quad bikes and rafts. With wall-to-wall sunshine, Technicolor blue skies and lush greenery, Uganda truly is 'the best of Africa.' Many countries boast of having the friendliest people: you will meet them here in Uganda! Read more about the Muzungu or contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

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  • EclipseDiamondRing2

    A solar eclipse turns the spotlight on Northern Uganda’s appeal

    Oct 30, 13 • 2489 views • 8 comments

    Suddenly, everyone in Kampala is talking about this weekend’s action: not the usual parties and nightclub events, but a hybrid solar eclipse, an event so rare that it only happens every few decades… and guess what? Northern Uganda will be one of the best places in the world to see it! I can...

  • Wasajja-Royal-Wedding-Rubaga-Cathedral-Kampala

    A wedding fit for the King

    May 18, 13 • 771 views • 2 comments

    There was an explosion of noise as the Kabaka arrived for Prince David Wasajja’s wedding at Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala. It’s not every day (week / month / lifetime) that you get an invitation to a Royal Wedding, so what’s a girl to say? I was delighted, honoured (and excited!) to...

  • Uganda-to-Rwanda-overturned-truck

    No hurry in Africa – bus Kampala to Kigali

    Apr 27, 13 • 1679 views • 18 comments

    No hurry in Africa: on board the bus Kampala to Kigali I didn’t understand much but the salesman’s words: “Tsunami in the vagina” and aggressive pelvic thrusting into the bus seat next to him somehow caught my attention. This guy should have been on the stage: the traveling salesman who...

  • Baby gorilla Bwindi Uganda

    50 reasons why I love Uganda

    Oct 6, 12 • 1978 views • 19 comments

    As one of the shiny new fighter jets flies over my house, no doubt practising for this Tuesday’s independence day fly-past, I’m mulling over the week-end papers, full of stories about Uganda@50 and what the last 50 years of independence have meant to Uganda. Is the country better or...

  • Hammock The Haven overlooking River Nile Jinja

    Messing about on the river

    Mar 25, 14 • 356 views • 2 comments

    Jinja accommodation at The Haven A cursory look at The Haven’s visitor’s book tells it all: full of compliments from first time, second time – even ninth time! – visitors. Just outside Jinja, The Haven’s accommodation and camping facilities are particularly popular with campers...

  • Mount Gahinga Lodge Mgahinga Uganda. Traditional Batwa dancing

    The distant Volcanoes of Mgahinga

    Mar 14, 14 • 15 views • No Comments

    Mount Gahinga Lodge, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park “Mgahinga is my favourite place in the whole of Uganda!” my friend Julia told me once, yet I’m amazed at how few people talk about the place: I fell for Mgahinga too! It’s perfect for a weekend break from Kampala or Kigali, for:...

  • Mist in valleys. Aerial view. Aerolink. domestic flights uganda

    “Eyes turned upward” – aerial photos of South Western Uganda

    Mar 4, 14 • 631 views • 4 comments

    “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned upward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), painter, artist, engineer & Renaissance genius, Florence, Italy The Muzungu was looking...

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